Landlord FAQ

Choosing a Windsor property manager is a big decision – read our FAQ for landlords below to discover what Maximum Property Solutions can do for you as a landlord. If you have a question that you don’t see listed here, or if to find out more about our Windsor property management services, click here.


This is truly a personal question as being a landlord can be an onerous responsibility. One that many people don't realize comes with a plethora of moving parts; Financial, Legal, Customer Service, Maintenance, Oh My! A PM company may not be for everyone, however those who do use our services have great things to say!

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Maximum Property Solutions will do as little or as much as you require from us! We will manage everything from leasing, to rent collection, day to day maintenance and whole unit turnovers. Check out our What We Do page for more information!

Our fee structure is a scalable structure, dependant on how many units, and what services you are looking to obtain! Contact us today to get your free quote!

MPS will collect the rent from your tenants to be deposited in an account solely for your properties.

Most tenants don't intentionally avoid paying rent, however, situations do happen. Maximum acts quickly and efficiently to help you get your rent in a timely manner. An N4 is delivered the day after rent is not paid, and 14 days later if it is not yet paid we move forward with filing an L1 with the Landlord Tenant Board. In the Ontario legislation, a landlord cannot simply evict a tenant without going through the proper channels. If you're unsure about the proper steps to take please reach out to us!

Talk to your tenants, make sure they fully understand the agreement they sign. Sometimes open communication is really all you need to let your tenants know they are in breach of their lease agreement. If that doesn't work, it's time to file an N5 - Notice to End Your Tenancy due to damage/behaviour and follow the proceeding steps.

You can advertise your unit as NO pets. You can decline applicants due to having pets, however once a tenant is in your unit with a pet, you cannot evict on the basis of having a pet. Unless the pet is causing damage to your rental unit or interfering with the enjoyment of other tenants.

The rules and agreements laid out in your lease addendums are the basis for what your tenants can and cannot do inside your units. Ensure your Ontario Standardized Lease has an addendum that stops tenants from smoking and growing marijuana in your units.

April 30, 2018 - The Ontario Standardized Lease was rolled out by a joint team of landlords, lawyers, tenant advocates and the Landlord Tenant Board, in an attempt to create a much more even playing field for landlord's and tenant's alike. This lease MUST be used in order for a tenancy to be valid in Ontario, and a copy of the lease MUST be provided to the tenants within 21 days of signing or the tenant can withhold one month's rent in trust.

No, a tenant cannot withhold rent due to outstanding maintenance concerns, however - if the tenant has been requesting maintenance and it has been refused or delayed unnecessarily the tenant may apply to the board to pay the board their rent in trust and can also apply for rent abatements due to incomplete/valid maintenance concerns.

Whether you are away on vacation or having a stay-cation, when you hire Maximum your tenants point of contact will always be available.