Helping Landlords Get Their Weekend Back

A hand holding the keys to a house

If you’re a landlord, you may find that your weekends are used up by taking care of your investment properties. Whether you have just one investment property in Windsor and Essex County that you need to look after or several, the repairs and general maintenance that go into owning them can use up a lot of your free time. At Maximum Property Services, we’re here to help you get your time back with complete property management services in Windsor.

Complete Property Maintenance and Repairs

Our team can take care of all of your property management needs, from small repairs and keeping your property maintained to larger repairs. We offer prompt, professional service on all of your property management needs so you don’t have to worry about spending your limited free time taking care of those yourself. With our extensive Windsor-Essex property management experience, you can also feel good knowing that all of your maintenance and repairs for your rental properties will be taken care of properly the first time.

Tenant Screening and Management

If you’re looking to fill your vacant investment properties, we can also screen your tenants and take care of the entire application process. We can help you find long-term, reliable tenants to fill your properties with our comprehensive tenant screening process. Plus, once your tenants are in place, we can take care of your tenant’s ongoing concerns and questions so you don’t have to. When you do have tenants leave, we can also take take of unit turnovers so your properties are ready for their next occupants.

There is a great deal of documentation that goes into being a landlord, and that can also use up a lot of your free time. Maximum Property Solutions can take care of financial documentation for your investment properties, including monthly and annual budgets and statements, letting you spend less time on the paperwork for your property while still allowing you to accurately keep track of everything with your property.

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