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Read the articles below to find out more about our Windsor property management services. Then, read about What We Do to learn about how Maximum Property Solutions can make owning a rental or investment property in Windsor-Essex easier for you. If you’re looking for a property manager in Windsor or Essex County, contact us to get answers to your questions or learn more about what we offer.

A landlord holding the keys to a rental property

Helping Landlords Get Their Weekend Back

If you’re a landlord, you may find that your weekends are used up by taking care of your investment properties. Whether you have just one investment property in Windsor and Essex County that you need to look after or several, the repairs and general maintenance that go into owning them can use up a lot of your free time. At Maximum Property Services, we’re here to help you get your time back with complete property management services in Windsor.

Two students moving into a rental property

Property Management Services for Student Property Rentals in Windsor

With both St. Clair College and the University of Windsor attracting more and more students each year, including many students coming from other areas around Ontario and beyond, the market for student rentals in Windsor continues to grow. While owning a student rental can be very rewarding, there are a number of considerations that go into making sure your property is maintained and that your tenants are looked after. Whether you own one or multiple student rental properties, Maximum Property Solutions can help you with a complete range of property management services.

Investment property with a stack of coins next to it

Help Maintain the Value of Your Investment Property

The value of an investment property doesn’t just come from the rental income you can make on it now – it comes from preserving the value of the property itself if you are looking to sell it down the road. With that in mind, keeping a property in good condition now can help you keep good tenants who want to stay, and can also help you maximize the return on your investment later on.


Great Reasons to Use a Property Management Company

Owning one or many rental properties or buildings can be a rewarding investment, but there are a number of challenges that come with maintaining these properties and working with tenants to keep everything running smoothly. Find out how we can make keeping up your rental properties easier for you.


Property Maintenance in Windsor-Essex This Winter

Winter’s here, and with it comes the cold, wind and snow that can make keeping up with the maintenance of your rental property more difficult. To make sure your investment property is taken care of this winter, whether it’s from the day-to-day challenges that winter weather can bin or damage caused by severe winter weather, talk to Maximum Property Solutions.


New to Windsor Investment Properties? Let Maximum Property Solutions Help

If you’re investing in rental properties in Windsor for the first time and want a great property management partner to help take care of tenants, repairs, documentation and more, read more about how Maximum Property Solutions can help you!


Property For Rent

Great Rental Properties Available in Windsor and Essex County

If you’re in search of a great property for rent in Windsor and Essex County, Maximum Property Solutions can help connect you with some great available rentals in the area. Whether you’re looking for an apartment, duplex unit or a house for rent, we’re here to help you. Our available properties are constantly being updated, and include available rental units in Windsor as well as the surrounding communities.


Property Management Services in Windsor for Local and Out-of-Town Landlords

Maximum Property Solutions offers services both for landlords that live in Windsor or Essex County, and those who have invested in our region but live elsewhere. We provide complete solutions for out-of-town landlords that need a reliable partner to make sure their property is maintained, that they have the right tenants, and that all of the repairs, details and paperwork are taken care of.


Flexible Windsor Property Management Solutions

At Maximum Property Solutions, we can customize a property management plan for you based around the services you need. Whether you need help with finding and working with tenants, repairs or day-to-day maintenance, documentation or any other services to make owning an investment property easier for you, we can tailor a property management solution just for you.

Windsor Property Management for Multi-Unit Properties

If you own a multi-family building such as a duplex, triplex, fourplex or apartment complex, maintaining each of the units so that they stay in good repair and ensuring that your rental units remain occupied can be a big undertaking. These properties can offer an excellent return on your investment, and as your Windsor-Essex property management company, Maximum Property Solutions can take the stress out of maintaining your multi-unit property.


A hand holding an investment house and a set of keys

Complete Property Management in Windsor

Learn more about all of Maximum Property Solutions’ Windsor property management services, including showing and leasing, tenant relations, unit turnovers, maintenance services and more. Find how we can make being a landlord easier for you!